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Blowsion Tubbie 1 , 2 & 3 Sponsons

Blowsion Tubbie 1 , 2 & 3 Sponsons
Blowsion Tubbie 1 , 2 & 3 Sponsons Blowsion Tubbie 1 , 2 & 3 Sponsons
Brand: Blowsion
Product Code: TUBBIES-123
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Tubbie 1 & 2

With the exciting introduction of our removable bolt on Destroyer Tubbie Sponsons line we have streamlined production and reduced cost of the original breakthrough screw on permanent Tubbies! The price is now reduced from $279.00 to the lower price of $249.00 for the popular Tubbie I (PN# 02-01-002) and Tubbie II's (PN# 02-01-003). These two universal-fit models will fit all stand up models on the market.

Since 2002 and MANY MANY MANY design changes and testing, the Blowsion technicians, with unbelievable assistance from the Tubbie guru "Stand Up Ed Calzorari" have created one of the most effective handling improvements available for your standup. Such an outstanding idea that Yamaha has incorporated the Tubbie shape into the 2008+ Super Jet hull.

Are you more aggressive than the average rider?  Blowsion "Tubbies" are the answer. IJSBA Race Legal these dynamic front sponsons have been used by the best of the best to win in racing and freeriding. Ross Champion, Pierre Maixent, Marc Sickerling, Dustin Motszouris, Steven Dauliach, Victor Sheldon, Joe Kenney, Clay Cullen, Jeff Jacobs, Scott Watkins, Josh Lustic, Rick Roy, Mark Tearle, Sean Workman and many more Pros to list. All of our riders have had incredible success with easily one of the most exciting composite products we have ever designed and produced. Don't sell that SXI Pro, Yamaha SJ or Octane to buy an SXR to be competitive in racing or against your buddies on the waves or lake. The Tubbies are the equalizer and give you a handling improvement that makes the stock SXR handling advantage shrink to near nothing. This is not an overstatement. NOTE: for racers in Limited class and Mod, we HIGHLY recommend Blowsion hull extensions to be used in conjunction with the Tubbie 2 Race model. To clarify the difference between the two models Tubbie 1 and Tubbie 2 availble here, what we have done is recessed a concave shape into the bottom leading edge of the Tubbie II sponson to create a harder / sharper edge for turning and tracking. The Race Model Tubbie II (PN# 02-01-003) grips better in turning and is more stable in straight line high speed riding. The Rec/Freeride model (PN#02-01-002) are very stable, but have some nose wandering at mid throttle due to the curved chine riding back and forth on the bow wave. This is very beneficial in freeriding as the ski is able to be more forgiving and reacts better to a variety of directions and water flow angles. The Race Model Tubbie II's are more aggressive, but less forgiving riding over the tops of waves diagonally. If you are a rider/customer that has the Rec/Freeride model (PN# 02-01-002), and you wants to try racing, the Freeride model can be mounted 4-5 Millimeters up from the bottom of the hull. This will create the same effect of the Race Model Tubbie Two. Patent Pending # 60/509.114.

Tubbie 3 - Race (08-09 Superjet)

With the inclusion of the Tubbie shape in the new 2008-2009+ OEM SJ hull design we have adapted our Tubbie MIII shape and installation guide to allow the Tubbie III"s to improve upon this exciting OEM hull change. For Freeriding the new SJ we have tested and found the "sweet-spot" with direct feedback from our Blowsion Sponsored IFWA World Champion for 2008 Pro Freerider ROSS CHAMPION. Please email for updated pics of this unreal new set up!

With this Blowsion patented two-plane technology we have slimmed, trimmed and re-defined the patented Tubbie two-plane shape specifically to accommodate the already WIDE footprint these hulls have. This allows the hull to sit slightly deeper in the water, while still giving the ski the well known benefits of the Tubbies aggressive turning, hook up and bow buoyancy. This, all without creating too much floatation and side to side instability at mid speeds. We have found with the addition of the Tubbie MIII the ski is much less fatiguing to the racer as it becomes easier to maneuver around the course on long motos. Like the Tubbie I and II, the Tubbie MIII is a win-win benefit to any rider or ski, but the Tubbie III is made specifically with the aggressive racer in mind. Each set available in white or black gel coat and includes detailed installation instructions and all stainless hardware. Patent Pending # 60/509.114.


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