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Impros Hooker Impellers - Kawasaki

Impros Hooker Impellers - Kawasaki
Impros Hooker Impellers - Kawasaki
Brand: Impros
Product Code: IMK140
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The New Impros Hooker 140mm impeller for the Kawasaki 140mm pump is a 3 blade large hub diameter, radial edge design polished stainless steel impeller designed and intended for Bottom end and "Hook up" for freestyle and freeriders on an SXR, SXi Pro, or SX that utilizes the 140mm pump and want maximum AIR for tricks. We gave it this name because it "Hooks Up" so well. Designed around maximizing pump efficiency and bottom end, this is a new radial edge design, large hub, and is set back. It is a highly polished Kawasaki impeller that we will have available for the 140mm stock pump used in the SXR 800, 750, and the Kawasaki 650 pump. Designed with a steep root angle to load the pump well. Material is a 17-4 stainless steel cast. Dynamically balanced, and comes polished, with a rubber nose seal. We have it available in a variety of pitches for different engine set ups. The pitches available are 9/15, 10/16 and 11/17. These numbers are much different from other impeller pitches you have heard of. While they are very low, and directed at bottom end "Hit", the root angle, blade length and other geometric differences set the Hooker apart from the others. We also produce "more aggressive" custom pitch Hookers for engines that require it, for an additional charge. Further set-back increases the pump efficiency, along with the larger hub and blade length. We're excited about how this impeller works compared to the other popular repitched impeller versions that have become so popular. Please don't misunderstand, they work very well, this one just works better, and gives the ski more "pop". As stated above, they fit in the stock 140mm Kawasaki 800, 750 and the Kawasaki 650 pump. We recommend also buying an impeller spline tool (WR001) as well, for ease of installation. Want peace of mind with your purchase? Every impeller that you buy from Impros is quality checked to assure you that the blade pitch and balance of your impeller is correct, at no additional charge.

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