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DASA Racing Performance Carburetor

DASA Racing Performance Carburetor
Brand: DASA Racing
Product Code: DASA-CARBS
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DASA starts with the Mikuni Super BN Carburetors then each carb is machined and hand assembled to DASA Racing specifications.  At the heart of the carburetor is the DASA fuel atomizer, providing peak performance under all riding conditions.  Hesitation and bogging are eliminated while delivering explosive acceleration and excellent top speed.  Each carb kit includes a zero backlash coupler, throttle linkage and throttle drum.

*Choose either a single, dual or triple carb combination for your application.

*DASA reccomends one of their billet intake manifolds for maximum performance.

*Carb come with the following specs:

Twins: 135P, 125M, 2.5 N&S w 115gm spring

Triples: 140P, 130M, 2.5N&S w 115gm spring

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